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First Month On Poshmark

Hello everyone, so it has been a month since I started selling on Poshmark. I do this as a part time job. It definitely is not going the way I thought it would. I have only sold two items, I’m not mad about it. This is something that is going to take time to work. They recommend you SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! I have shared my items for my followers so much, I am tired of seeing my products in the news feed. LOL! I was thinking of revamping my Poshmark… Read more First Month On Poshmark

How to list an item on Poshmark

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Adrianna Beauty. Today I am super excited to talk about Poshmark, again. I promise to get back to makeup reviews soon! I wanted to help anyone who is wanting to sell items on Poshmark. First you should make an account. I will be telling you how do this from an android mobile device. After you sign up, on the bottom, there are 5 different things to choose from. The middle there is a button that says “Sell” with a camera on the top of it.… Read more How to list an item on Poshmark

Poshmark Closet

Hello everyone. Today is a big day for me. I bought a new laptop and added products to my Poshmark Closet. I have never added products before so that was really new to me. I added a few eye shadow palettes that have been used, a lipstick that I had never used, and a few shadow singles. You guys will have to check it out! Also it would be really cool to let me know if you guys sell as well! Anyway, I did buy a new laptop simply because… Read more Poshmark Closet

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