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Why I stopped buying makeup.

So I stopped all of my beauty subscriptions and stopped buying makeup altogether. Even after I bought this huge vanity that is almost completely empty. I realized so many different things this month. I’m getting married and I have a ton of debt. I am addicted to buying makeup, not really using it. I have serious FOMO. (fear of missing out) This hasn’t been easy for me. My whole paycheck went straight to credit cards. I only had $3.45 to my name. It broke me a bit inside. But, this… Read more Why I stopped buying makeup.

Viva Eyeshadow Foursome Kit – Colourpop Super Shock Pigments

Today I am really excited because I finally got the Viva Eyeshadows in the mail. They are so stunning in person as well as in picture! I was shooook! There are many other items in this collection, but I only got the single eyeshadows. Anyway, this is what the packaging looks and it is gorgeous. I love the colors, absolutely stunning. This is a collab with Becky-G. I don’t much about her music, but I do know her collab is amazing. This is probably the most colorful packaging I have… Read more Viva Eyeshadow Foursome Kit – Colourpop Super Shock Pigments

Meet and Greet!

Hey everyone! This isn’t like a real post. I just thought I’d leave below all of my socials so you can come find me! I’d love to hear from you all. You all have supported me and I am really thankful. I also want to write a little update on what I do here. Just in case some of y’all don’t know. First, the socials! Instagram: @adriannamakeup101 I also do small videos on applying makeup and skincare. Pinterest: Adrianna Beauty I pin everything from makeup, to saving money, and also… Read more Meet and Greet!

Best Makeup Brushes – Some Of My Go To Brushes!

I was cleaning all of my makeup brushes and realized I need to cut down on the ones I use. Mainly the pretty ones I have bought from collections I’d rather have as decoration. But also be smarter before I buy new brushes. Today I am going to tell you about my go to brushes. The ones I use every single day to do my makeup. I definitely try to incorporate different brushes once in a while, but the ones I will be talking about are the ones I cannot… Read more Best Makeup Brushes – Some Of My Go To Brushes!

Covergirl Outlast Active Foundation – Review

Hey y’all! I hope you’re having a fantastic day/night. Today I wanted to tell you my thoughts on the Covergirl Outlast Active Foundation. I was really excited to try this foundation. The foundation claims to be sweat proof, transfer proof, and humidity proof for 24 hours. I sweat quite a bit at work so having a sweat proof foundation is something I have been looking for! But, I didn’t find it to be sweat proof. I don’t have pictures, I did a video on it so you can see all… Read more Covergirl Outlast Active Foundation – Review

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