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My New Skin Care Routine – Using the same products for over a month

Hello! So with my skins little reaction it had I only used the same products the entire time. I needed to get it back to normal. I will just make a list for you all. 1. Face Wash – GlamGlow Gentle Bubble Conditioning Cleanser. I know, not Cruelty Free. But, I got this in a BoxyCharm and I’m not letting it go to waste. It’s actually a really good face wash. Leaves your skin a bit hydrated and really soft. 2. Pixi Rose Tonic Toner Smells great. Doesn’t give off… Read more My New Skin Care Routine – Using the same products for over a month

5 Minute Easy Makeup

Hello! Since the 10 Minute Makeup Look got so many views, I have created for you guys and myself a 5 minute makeup look! This gives you the basics. Again, I don’t use foundation, so my products are concealer, eye brow pencil, mascara, and a bit of highlighter. Oh, and a powder to set my under eyes. The Laura Mercier setting powder! This stuff is amazing! The Maybelline Fit Me powder is a dupe for it and very affordable. On my quick quick days I don’t use a primer. I… Read more 5 Minute Easy Makeup

First Month On Poshmark

Hello everyone, so it has been a month since I started selling on Poshmark. I do this as a part time job. It definitely is not going the way I thought it would. I have only sold two items, I’m not mad about it. This is something that is going to take time to work. They recommend you SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! I have shared my items for my followers so much, I am tired of seeing my products in the news feed. LOL! I was thinking of revamping my Poshmark… Read more First Month On Poshmark

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