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Natural Makeup

Hello everyone and welcome back! I did a natural makeup look today and decided to record it! It is up now on my YouTube channel. (Link down below) Products are also listed in the description box with links. (not affiliate links) If you enjoy the video let me know! I am super stoked about it.

My New Skin Care Routine – Using the same products for over a month

Hello! So with my skins little reaction it had I only used the same products the entire time. I needed to get it back to normal. I will just make a list for you all. 1. Face Wash – GlamGlow Gentle Bubble Conditioning Cleanser. I know, not Cruelty Free. But, I got this in a BoxyCharm and I’m not letting it go to waste. It’s actually a really good face wash. Leaves your skin a bit hydrated and really soft. 2. Pixi Rose Tonic Toner Smells great. Doesn’t give off… Read more My New Skin Care Routine – Using the same products for over a month

Meet and Greet!

Hey everyone! This isn’t like a real post. I just thought I’d leave below all of my socials so you can come find me! I’d love to hear from you all. You all have supported me and I am really thankful. I also want to write a little update on what I do here. Just in case some of y’all don’t know. First, the socials! Instagram: @adriannamakeup101 I also do small videos on applying makeup and skincare. Pinterest: Adrianna Beauty I pin everything from makeup, to saving money, and also… Read more Meet and Greet!

Best Makeup Brushes – Some Of My Go To Brushes!

I was cleaning all of my makeup brushes and realized I need to cut down on the ones I use. Mainly the pretty ones I have bought from collections I’d rather have as decoration. But also be smarter before I buy new brushes. Today I am going to tell you about my go to brushes. The ones I use every single day to do my makeup. I definitely try to incorporate different brushes once in a while, but the ones I will be talking about are the ones I cannot… Read more Best Makeup Brushes – Some Of My Go To Brushes!

5 Minute Easy Makeup

Hello! Since the 10 Minute Makeup Look got so many views, I have created for you guys and myself a 5 minute makeup look! This gives you the basics. Again, I don’t use foundation, so my products are concealer, eye brow pencil, mascara, and a bit of highlighter. Oh, and a powder to set my under eyes. The Laura Mercier setting powder! This stuff is amazing! The Maybelline Fit Me powder is a dupe for it and very affordable. On my quick quick days I don’t use a primer. I… Read more 5 Minute Easy Makeup

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