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Hello everyone, my name is Adrianna and I am very passionate about beauty. I use to play with my mothers makeup when I was like 5 years old. My sister and I use to get Avon products for Christmas every year as well. I only wore one kind of shadow and mascara. When I used foundation it was definitely the wrong shade! But I really got into beauty when I started my first job where I was stocking Cosmetics. Working in Cosmetics opened my eyes to new passion.

It actually made me realize how many different foundation shades there were. Also, eyebrow products. Did not know 4 years ago that they had eyebrow pencils. Now I own 10! Anyway, in April 2018 I decided I wanted to tell everyone how much I loved makeup.

When I try out new looks or even test new makeup it helps bring peace to my mind. I work overnights so I sleep during the day and that has taken a lot away from me. Less family time. At least it feels that way. I am now trying to change my life in little ways. Having this blog, Adrianna Beauty, has actually helped me. It helps me get through the night. Enough about me.. Let’s Stay Connected!

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Email: adriannamartin123@hotmail.com