Viva Eyeshadow Foursome Kit – Colourpop Super Shock Pigments

Today I am really excited because I finally got the Viva Eyeshadows in the mail. They are so stunning in person as well as in picture! I was shooook! There are many other items in this collection, but I only got the single eyeshadows.

Anyway, this is what the packaging looks and it is gorgeous.

I love the colors, absolutely stunning. This is a collab with Becky-G. I don’t much about her music, but I do know her collab is amazing. This is probably the most colorful packaging I have ever seen.

Here are the four eyeshadows in the inner package. They are singles. On it has a description of the shades. I will write them out for you.

  • Rosa – A vibrant magenta with blue pearl
  • Oro – Bright gold with gold flecks
  • Cielo – Turquoise with multidimensional pink & gold pearl
  • Verano – Red orange with gold sheen

I did do some swatches and that is about as far as I went with it. I am planning on doing a video on YouTube for it so keep your eyes peeled. I’m not sure what kind of look I want to create yet. I also don’t know how I would use every shade. Anyway, here are the swatches!

I don’t think they swatched as well as I thought they would, but swatches aren’t the whole story. They could perform differently on your eye. They feel like every other super shock shadow. Wet, creamy, and kinda like butter. It does dry down pretty fast though. I also want to show you all that I did try to remove the color from my arm with micellar water and it didn’t work well.

You can still see the pink and the blue. I would say before you apply this to your eye, use a primer! When I know I’m going to use shades like these I use regular primer and then concealer as primer for my lids. It has helped a lot. I use to never use primer on my lids.

That is all I have for today! I hope you watch the video and enjoy these shadows as much as I do! Colourpop has been coming out with so much lately. Is there anything you all want to see? I would love to do a series on here of just Colourpop. They have some amazing products for a little bit of money.

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