Best Makeup Brushes – Some Of My Go To Brushes!

I was cleaning all of my makeup brushes and realized I need to cut down on the ones I use. Mainly the pretty ones I have bought from collections I’d rather have as decoration. But also be smarter before I buy new brushes.

Today I am going to tell you about my go to brushes. The ones I use every single day to do my makeup. I definitely try to incorporate different brushes once in a while, but the ones I will be talking about are the ones I cannot stray away from. Also, this is a very long read so grab some coffee!

So, the first one I am going to talk about is my contour brush. I rarely contour, I just skip and go to bronzer, but this brush makes it so easy to contour! It is the Luxie 512 Small Contouring brush. It comes in a set with 3 other brushes. It is part of their Summer Daze collection. Very pretty brush. It is a bit tapered and more dense. I wouldn’t use this for blush, but it says you can. It blends the contour nicely. If I ever lost this brush I would probably cry, a lot!

A few of my next go to brushes are from one collection and that is very surprising to me. I don’t usually stick with one collection or brand for that matter. The BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil Collection (10 pc set), it is bomb! These brushes are so soft, blend amazing, very sturdy as well. I don’t see them falling apart anytime soon. I’ll make a list below of the brushes and then the ones I go to in the whole collection I will put a star next to it.

  1. Powder Brush – I use this to only powder my forehead and chin. It is a bit stiff, at least mine is. It is very soft and does apply the powder well.
  2. *Angled Blush Brush – Oh my, I absolutely LOVE this brush! It is angled so it forms right to your cheek and applies that blush effortlessly! I don’t use my old go to because this one is honestly better.
  3. Tapered Contour – I haven’t even used this brush, that I recall. I can assume it would work like the Luxie 512. I will try it in a video and update you on this brush!
  4. Round Blush Brush – I haven’t used this brush either, so sorry!
  5. Large Shader Brush – The bristles were a little stiff and I had a hard time applying the shadow and resorted to using my finger instead. I haven’t given up on this one though. I will use it again just to make my final thoughts.
  6. *Flat Shader Brush – I use this for concealer under my eyebrow to clean up the area and works great. It isn’t flat across the top, it comes to a point and I think that really helps to glide under the brow.
  7. *Blending Crease Brush – I absolutely love this blending brush. I love all fluffy blending brushes. I do think it takes me longer to blend with this brush rather than my Tarte blending brush. I will continue to use this brush though. I love it.
  8. *Detailing Round Blending Brush – To me, this is a smaller version of the blending brush. I use it to apply shadow on my lower lash line. It blends effortlessly. I do have others I use before this one.
  9. Pencil Brush – I haven’t used.
  10. Angled Brow Brush – I also haven’t used.

I know there are a few I haven’t used. I am planning on using them in a future YouTube Video.

My next go to brush is from Moda. It is from a 2 piece set. It is just a powder brush. I use this to apply powder all over my face. It doesn’t leave streaks in my makeup. I have used brushes that did leave streaks in my makeup. This is the one I go to every single day. It is very soft and I love using it.

I’m going to talk about 2 brushes here. Both are meant for foundation. The Luxie 532 Foundation brush. It blends the foundation so well. I do notice streaking near my nose, but I always go over my makeup with a sponge anyway. But on my cheeks and forehead I see ZERO streaking. The other brush I use periodically for foundation is the Tarte Aquaflash foundation brush. It is a dense brush, meant to be used with their Rainforest foundation. I use it with any foundation I have. It is streak free and especially around my nose. I still go over my face with a sponge.

That is all I have for today. I hope I helped someone out there who is having a hard time finding brushes that are right for you. It took me a while to acquire this many brushes to even have my favorites. *I purchased all of these brushes*

Have a beautiful weekend!

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