My YouTube Videos

Hello everyone! I hope your day is going well!

Today I just want to talk to about my YouTube and kind of get some tips from you all.

Lately I have been uploading 2-3 videos a week. I’ve been testing so much new makeup that I have purchased myself. I do not receive free products.

Occasionally from Influenster and I clearly state how thankful I am for them allowing me to test new products. Also how it is only sent for testing purposes.

Anyway, Ive been uploading like crazy but nothing has really changed on my channel. I only have 7 subscribers. LOL! I’m not 100% stuck on gaining subscribers, but it would be nice.

Honestly, what I’m getting at is if anyone can check out my YouTube and kind of help me a bit. I know audio was a huge issue in the first few videos. Also lighting, but I got new lights and a new lens. My lens was actually pretty crappy. It did the trick but I wanted a better one. I purchased the 50mm lens. I haven’t filmed a video with it yet. I received it today and played around with it. It makes a big difference in wanting to create beauty videos.

Here is a link to my latest video. It is an Ipsy Unbagging. I had problems with the software I was using as well. Kept changing the size of the video so then it wasn’t the right size to be uploaded to YouTube. So it looks like a little window in the window. If that makes sense.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to help me out. I’m just stuck in a rut it seems and really want to get it all fixed!

YouTube video: Ipsy Unbagging

Also, please follow me on Instagram. I do show sneak peaks of my filming.


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