5 Minute Easy Makeup

Hello! Since the 10 Minute Makeup Look got so many views, I have created for you guys and myself a 5 minute makeup look!

This gives you the basics. Again, I don’t use foundation, so my products are concealer, eye brow pencil, mascara, and a bit of highlighter. Oh, and a powder to set my under eyes. The Laura Mercier setting powder! This stuff is amazing! The Maybelline Fit Me powder is a dupe for it and very affordable.

On my quick quick days I don’t use a primer. I just apply the concealer after moisturizer. I apply it to my T-Zone, under my eyes, and my chin. And blend, blend, blend. Honestly, blending is what takes the longest. Nothing can speed it up.

My concealer is the Too Faced Born This Way Multi Use Sculpting Concealer in shade Swan. Some days if the bags under my eyes are heavy, I’ll add some of their Too Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer in shade Fairest. I will apply it under my eyes on top of the multi use sculpting concealer. Then I use the powder.

Next, I do my eyebrows. Quick and easy, I just use the Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil and just fill them in. I do light strokes in an upward form to make it look like I have more eyebrow hairs and that is basically it! So simple.

Next part is highlighter. I add very little to my nose, cheek bones, and forehead. I dip my finger into the pan and then apply in a tapping form.

Some natural highlighters I have found are ones in face palettes. I have been using the one in the Cover FX palette.

Last step, applying mascara. I don’t use a volumizing mascara on these days. Just add enough of a kind to get some color. I use to use the Lorac Pro Pomade Mascara. I love it. It is a bit liquidy. But I mainly use the Covergirl Exhibitionist mascara. It is amazing!

Thank you all for reading this and taking the time to check out other posts!

*Disclaimer: This blog does use links.

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