First Month On Poshmark

Hello everyone, so it has been a month since I started selling on Poshmark. I do this as a part time job. It definitely is not going the way I thought it would.

I have only sold two items, I’m not mad about it. This is something that is going to take time to work.

They recommend you SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! I have shared my items for my followers so much, I am tired of seeing my products in the news feed. LOL!

I was thinking of revamping my Poshmark closet. Put some items together as a bundle. Hoping it would work out that way. Bring in more sales!

When you all are shopping for makeup, what do you all look for? As in, what are you favorite brands?

I am just stuck in a rut with poshmark! I will give this another month and see how I do!

On the other hand, working on my home business has been so fun and educational so far. Learning what laws, papers, everything legal has been an eye opener. It takes a lot to run a business and I’m just in the beginning stages!

I am currently selling a body scrub on Etsy for $16.50, if you would check it out that would be so greatly appreciated! I believe you can look up Adrianna Beauty and find my listing.

Also, I have a few more products coming soon and I’m always posting on my Instagram. So if you want to see what products are coming head over there! @adriannamakeup101

Thank you for taking the time reading my post! There is another one coming soon! Byee!

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