Glamglow Super Serum and Jade Roller – Review

Hey everyone, you may look at my website and notice it looks different. I was just trying to see what other themes looked like and then it changed everything. I will be working on it to fix it. I don’t like this set up. I like the old set up.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about the Glamglow Super Serum. That stuff is amazing. My first ever Glamglow product. The Super Serum is a 6 – acid blend. It helpes plump and exfoliate your skin. In the picture down below it explains everything you need to know about this serum. Now, what did it do for me? This stuff, I will say again, is amazing. The pores that I had aren’t as visible. My skin is soft and looks plump, in a good way. I usually have bags under my eyes and they aren’t as visible. I apply it when I get out of the shower. It does feel a little tacky for a while but dries down. My skin is also shiny. I have never used a product that worked instantly to be honest. I will continue buying this.

Glamglow Super Serum

Now onto the Jade Roller, oh my gosh. I have never used one before. I was unsure of it at first. All I can really say about it is that, it’s really refreshing to use. My face feels swollen/puffy sometimes when I wake up and this cold Jade Roller mixed with cold products is key! Helps reduce the swelling/puffiness instantly. The Jade Roller was in the Boxycharm Limited Skin Care box. It is a product from Cosmedix.

That is all I have for you guys today! Again, these products are pretty awesome. They do wonders for you skin. Thank you for reading todays post!

Disclaimer: Pictures are used from Glamglows Instagram, Cosmedix Instagram, and Glamglows website. Also, I did use links in this reading.

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