Big Life Update!

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed your Monday. I definitely did even though it was very hectic. I decided it was time to get a Business License. Sounds really official and it is, it is also really scary!

I have decided to change my journey and create my own beauty products. I will introduce products slowly. I have a few things I want to introduce first.

The name of my online store will be called Adrianna Beauty. I am going to try and sell through WordPress. I trust this website more than anything else. But, I’m trying to keep the same name for everything. I am super excited for this step in my journey. Now onto the products I am wanting to develop.

I am currently waiting for all of my supplies, but I am making Lotion Bars. It’s basically lotion in bar form. In order to sell anything on a website of my own, they recommend having a business license. Please correct me if I am wrong here. I am going by what the experts say. I am going through LegalZoom. They are really nice and helpful.

But back to the products, I have always wanted to do something like this. I never really had the time and I finally have the time. I use to work full-time but I went to part time. I needed a break. I need to focus on myself and do the things that I love. I hope this works out for me.

Don’t ever let someone tell you something you want to do is silly. That is one thing I really need to keep in mind. This is something I enjoy and want to share with everyone.

Thank you for reading my life update and I hope you all can support me in my decision!

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