How to list an item on Poshmark

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Adrianna Beauty. Today I am super excited to talk about Poshmark, again. I promise to get back to makeup reviews soon!

I wanted to help anyone who is wanting to sell items on Poshmark. First you should make an account. I will be telling you how do this from an android mobile device.

After you sign up, on the bottom, there are 5 different things to choose from. The middle there is a button that says “Sell” with a camera on the top of it. Click it.

Then, your camera will show up and you take pictures of your items from all angles. Doing that helps to show any flaws or even good characteristics about the item. After taking the pictures it allows you to choose a filter.

After the filter it will bring up a page that shows you everything people need to know about the product. It will ask “What are you selling?” and “Describe it..”, they are required. Meaning, you cannot leave them blank. So for the sweater I could say, “Nike Sweater Authentic”. Saying something is authentic means it is real, not a fake item. Going in and describing the sweater I could write, “Purple Sweater, Warm”.

After those product details you need to fill in the other product details. First one is the category. You can choose from Women, Kids, and Mens. Under each category they have subcategories. For example, I was selling a sweater, I would then click sweater. It will bring up another list of things to choose from. Like, what kind of sweater. For example, a cardigan is a type of sweater.

After you choose your category you can then choose the quantity. How many do you have? If you only have just put one. If you have multiple, put multiple.

After you choose the quantity, the next section is the size. You can choose between standard, plus, petite, juniors, maternity, and custom. And under each of those categories you can choose the size of the item.

After size you then need to let everyone know the brand. Choosing this will also help your product be placed under a certain category. Example, I have a Nike sweater. I could search Nike on Poshmark and eventually come across the item I listed.

After choosing the brand, you have to choose the color. If my sweater is purple, I’d put purple.

This next part I feel is crucial. The “New With Tags” section. If it has tags and is unused, then you would put new with tags. If it is still new and unused, without tags. Then it is not considered new with tags.

The last part of listing the item is finding the price you want to sell it for. You can add the original price, I’ve seen some people just put $0. For example, say I purchased this sweater and realized I just didn’t like. So selling New With Tags. I bought it for $64. I just want it out of my house so what I would sell it for is $34. Taking $20 off. It will tell you the amount of money you will get after the purchase and after Poshmark takes their share. So I put $34, it is telling me I would receive $27.20 if this item was to sell.

Also, a really nice thing about Poshmark is, they pay the shipping!

And that is all I have about listing an item on poshmark! If I forgot anything, please let me know. If you found this helpful then please hit the like button! If you want to hear more about Poshmark and beauty, then hit the follow button!

I do sell on poshmark, @adriannamart721.

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