Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask – Review

Hello everyone! Today I am super excited to talk about the Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask!

I am currently using this mask. It is drying very fast! I used a trail size version so I don’t know the price, but I can link it all in the reading!

I was also going to do a YouTube video but instead I added to my Instagram story! You should check it out! @adriannamakeup101

Back to the mask! So it is pink, feels like wet clay. It is supposed to detoxify and brighten. It is very cooling on the skin. I definitely like that.

I applied it with the eco tools mask brush. Very easy to apply, just do it fast! Being serious with you all, it dries super fast!

I just washed the mask off and I’m very impressed. My skin is soft and glowy. It honestly feels like I took off a layer of skin. In a good way. It also looks so bright. Definitely a good mask to use to start off your week!

If you guys have any questions let me know in the comments. If you want me to review a certain mask then comment that down below as well! I enjoy sharing my thoughts with you all!

Have a good day!

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