What does a year of Boxycharm look like?

Hello everyone! This post I am super excited to answer the question “What does a year of Boxycharm look like?” I have been subscribed to Boxycharm since April 2018. I have to say, I have received some amazing products. I do receive their BoxyLuxe every quarter as well so I have received a lot of products!

Disclaimer: I cannot show every product due to giving some away and using a whole product.

Up above I have stacked most of the palettes I have received in Boxycharm. Starting from the bottom going up, only listing brands not the actual palette name.

Violet Voss, Colourpop, Pretty Vulgar, Pur, Almar Cosmetics, Crown Beauty, Pur, Ace Beaute, Laura Lee, and Tarte.

I absolutely love the Colourpop palette. It was the first palette I have every received. The formulas are very buttery and the shades are so beautiful.

Next, I have some lippies here. Adesse New York, Han, and two from Ofra. The formulas are very creamy. They are easy to wipe off. The Adesse NY was my first lippie from Boxycharm.

Products: Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm, I absolutely love this stuff. I wear a lot of reds and pinks for eye shadow and this stuff works great to remove it. It does irritate the eyes a bit, but not as much as liquid removers.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, When I first tried this mascara it was a trial size. I absolutely hated it. Left my lashes full of clumps. I don’t know if it was old or not, but the full size did not do that. My lashes were long and voluminous! You do not need to add lashes with this stuff.

Briogeo Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray, I do like this conditioning spray, however it did not help with brushing through the ends. I thought it would make my hair silky and soft also. It just made my hair smell really good.

Lorac Pro Lash Pomade, I love this mascara! It is liquidy when applying it but it doesn’t flake that much throughout the day. This is the mascara I use everyday. My “ride or die” mascara as some would say.

Nudestix Magnetic Luminous Eye Color, I actually have not tried this on the eyes to see how it blends. I have done a swatch and it feels very creamy. It is very pigmented. It just seems a bit to dark for me.

Jonteblu Eye Liner. Another product I don’t use. But, it is very pigmented and adds a bit of sparkle because of the sparkles in it. The sparkles aren’t overbearing either. Eyeliner really affects my eyes so I try to stay away from it. Only reason I do not use it.

My favorite brushes! As you can see I do use them a lot so product from shimmer shades was falling off onto the table where I took the photo. I have Luxie brushes, Aesthetica, and Alamar. These brushes are very soft and very easy to use. Blends the product well. I use these brushes every day I do my makeup.

Pretty Vulgar Bronzed B bronzer is a dang good bronzer. A bit too dark for me, but it’s very easy to blend out. I would use a very little bit is all.The packaging is beautiful as well. The touch in SOL NO PORE BLEM PRIMER is very smooth. Fills the pores so foundation doesn’t get in there and clog them up. A little bit does go a long way.

The Wander Beauty Peel Off Mask was very easy to use. Although, make sure you apply a thick layer so it is easier to peel off. It dried in about 10 minutes and left my skin very smooth. The Becca Cosmetics lipstick seems like it would be a very creamy formula. However, I was given the shade Crimson which is a bright red color. I am not a fan of reds so I will be saving this for my 250 followers giveaway. Same thing with the Cover FX palette. This one will be in the 250 followers giveaway.

There are two different ones, light/medium and medium/dark. I somehow got the medium/dark and my mom who is tanner than I am received the light/medium. Boxycharm did fix the boo boo. They gave those charmers 4500 charms to use in their charm room! I am very thankful for that! 4500 charms is actually $45.00 that you can use only on their site in their charm room.

Thank you all for reading my post! As I said, I don’t have every product I have ever received. But, you get wonderful products for $21 a month. All full size as well so you really do get your moneys worth.

Another Disclaimer: I did use links in this post. They take you right to the brands site.

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