NYX Off Tropic Shadow Palette – First Impressions

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Today I am reviewing one of the NYX Professional Makeup OFF TROPIC Palettes. There are two palettes. One is called Hasta La Vista and the other is called Shifting Sand. I went with Shifting Sand.

The first shade I will be using is the very first one in the palette. They do not have names but I have provided a picture. The shade is more a neutral shade. It appears more orange applied to the crease and all over the lid. After that, I went in with the third shade in the palette. It is more of a toasted orange shade. I applied it with a fluffy brush to add some depth to the crease.

On the outer corners I mixed shades 8 and 10 to deepen the outer corners. I was blending with a Luxie 229 Tapered Blending brush but had to resort to a more fluffy brush.

I then went all over the lid with a flat Tarte brush in shade 5. It took a while to pack down the shimmer. But it did come out nice. I added shade 2 into the center of it and it looked so pretty!

This palette overall was worth the money. It’s a good summer palette and definitely going on vacation with me. The formula was easy to blend and easy to apply. Very pigmented as well.

I do have the other Off Tropic palette called Hasta La Vista and I believe I am doing a video with that one. It’s very bright colors and have never really used them before so I’m super excited to try it.

Thank you all for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed it! I love testing new palettes. Especially affordable ones!

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