Updating Beauty Room Tips & Tricks

Hello everyone! Have you been struggling to find most of your beauty products? Have you gotten all done with your makeup and realize that foundation is NOT your shade?

Well, I have some tips and tricks to tell ya! This is all from experience.

First, let’s talk about how bright your beauty room should be. The color of my beauty room was hot pink and lime green. Ew! Those were the colors before I moved into this house. I finally got around to painting it!

White paint and LED lights will be your best friends. If you don’t want just white you could do what I did. I painted it a white color with a grey undertone. I also have a ring light.

Here is what one of the walls looks like now compared to the white ceiling…

Picture is dark. I did not have all my lights on I usually have on for my videos!

Next I will talk about what I store my makeup in. I have many organizers! I have a book shelf, a 3 cube shelf, and a desk as my vanity. The desk also has a drawer that I store my most used products in. You want to make sure those are always close by!

In the 3 cube shelf I bought purple plastic bins instead of those fabric cubes. I thought the cubes were too deep. I wanted something I could easily look into to find the products I need. The one on the bottom I store products I rarely use, let’s be honest, I’m not getting on the floor every time I need a product.

In the book shelf I have many vases I store my brushes in, an organizer from Avon for my eye palettes, and some of my bigger palettes.

This all came in handy. I did spend more money than I should have to redecorate one room, but it was worth it.

That is all I have for you guys today! Thank you guys so much for sticking by my side when I needed to take time and redo my blog while I’m redoing my beauty room!

I will post photos throughout the week on my Instagram (@adriannamakeup101) of my finished room!

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