Fenty Beauty – Review

Hey everyone! I know this blog is a few hours late… I apologize! But today I’m super excited because I will be talking about how I finally got my hands on the Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil Highlighter!

The packaging is so pretty! Prettier than what I honestly expected. This product is $38. Not a bad price for what you get!

This feel so silky!

You definitely get a lot with this product. I have many highlighters where it seems like you don’t really get as much for what you paid for.

The formula for this very silky. I used a wet brush and applied it onto my eyes and it made my eyes seem very wet. Like look wet. I actually really like that. Down below I will have a photo of a Swatch for you guys.

There you can see how it appears to be wet but it isn’t.

Anyway, I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you on this product. This highlighter is definitely going into the every day use section in my beauty room.

If you want to see me applying it as a regular highlighter then you can visit my YouTube channel. Just go to the home page and click what looks like a play button at the top! If you enjoyed this post please like and comment down below if you have bought this or received it in a pr!

Other places to fine me are Instagram @adriannamakeup101

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