Colour Pop Disney Collection – Review

Today I am going to go tell you guys my thoughts on the Colour Pop Disney Collection. I’m excited for this blog. I love Disney and Colour Pop products. It did take me about a month to buy all of the products in this collection. The lipstick kept going out of stock like crazy! Anyway, I finally got all of the products.

I am going to start with the lip glosses. There are 5 shimmery ones and 3 matte feeling ones. I personally don’t wear lip gloss often but I would wear these. I like wearing the shimmer ones alone. Especially Last Petal.

Gourmet Dream
Last Petal
Magic Mirror

Next, I’m going to talk about the single eyeshadows and the highlighters. The formula for these feels so amazing! They are a cream-powder eyeshadow. They feel buttery and soft. The description for them mentions how they are a bouncy texture and I found because of that, they apply best with your finger instead of a brush. The highlighters are the same way. Very bouncy but very stunning on the cheek bones. You could use them as eyeshadows as well.

Eyeshadow shades from left to right and top to bottom:
Be Our Guest and Almost there
Under The Sea and A Whole New World
So This Is Love and Heigh-Ho

Highlighters top to bottom:
A Smile And A Song
Part Of Your World

We are finally to the lipsticks that everyone seemed to be wanting. I finally understood why after I received them in the mail. The packaging is so beautiful. The tubes are gold and feel kind of heavy. The shades are stunning! I probably wont use all of the shades. Reds do not look good on me. The formula is very lightweight. I couldn’t even tell I was wearing a lipstick. Most lipsticks leave a dry feeling on my lips and I did not have that with these. My favorite one is Cinderella. What is yours?

Shades form left to right

Tiana, Belle, Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine

The last product I want to tell you all about is the beautiful eye shadow palette. There are 15 pans in this palette. On their site under the description they say “romantic shadows will add a touch of glam to any look” and girl were they right! The matte shades are very easy to blend out with a fluffy brush. The shadows also blend well together. The shimmer shades look very stunning when applied with a wet brush. When I used a dry brush the shadow didn’t pop out as much and was a tad flaky. I also like how they add some main things from the movies.

Here is the cover of the palette.
Shades from left to right.

Chip, Juju, Grumpy, Triton, Abu
Prince Charming, Ray, Fairy Godmother, One kiss?, Thingamabob
Enchanted Rose, Poison Apple, Magic Carpet, Beast, Midnight Kiss

Let me know what your favorite product is from this collection! Mine is by far the palette. I use that more than anything else.

Also, what kinds of things do you guys want to read about? I can write about lifestyle, pets, and do some organization things as well. Just let me know down in the comments!

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