Deciding on a merch line..

So since October I’ve been thinking of having my own brand. I’m not as well known as others, but it’s something I wanted to try out.

I looked at 5 different sites. If I printed my own shirts I would have had to rent a PO box. Order the shirts and then take pictures of the products.

I found the site teespring while watching a YouTube video. It seems really awesome. You don’t pay anything to start this up. I was so worried to spend a fortune on a bunch of merchandise and get ZERO customers.

I thought about all of this for a while and I do have an active site now. I’m excited to see how this goes.

The reason I did this was because I wanted a way to connect with people and earn some extra cash. I’m stuck in a rut with my current job and need something on the side to keep a level head.

I have loved makeup for the past few years and almost a year ago I found the beauty community and fell in love with the vibe.

Anyway, that is all for now!

A boxycharm unboxing is coming this week. As well as an ipsy unboxing.

If you want to check out my merch then click the link on the main page under “Home.”

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