Is there anyone out there who has a hard time keeping their vanity organized?

I definitely do! It has taken me months to figure out how to organize everything I currently have and save room for future purchases.

I’m going to tell you how I organized my eye shadow palettes.

First things first, I gathered all of my eye palettes.

I sorted them by size and then by brand.

I have an Avon Beauty Caddy that has velcro inserts. So I sectioned off part of that for the smaller palettes. I line them up so you can read the edges and just grab what one you want.

I found that stacking them in a drawer was making it impossible for me to keep things quick and easy. I don’t have a lot of time to get ready most days.

With the larger eye palettes, like Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette, I just line them up the same way!

It won’t work for everyone and I do realize that. I have about 20 palettes and it does work for me. So if you do have more there is a better way to organize them.

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