Avon – My Experience 3 Months Later

I have been an Avon Representative for 3 months now and I wanted to share with everyone what my experience has taught me. First, I want to say that I am thankful for Avon for giving me this opportunity. The people and the company itself are simply amazing.

Alright, let’s dig right in..

One major issue I see is the misconception of the products Avon offers. Most believe Avon is only beauty products. Avon has many other products from clothing, jewelry, and home goods. Understanding this misconception has taught me how to handle rejection.

One way to handle the rejection is to stay happy. Do not get frustrated with the word “No.” Do not let the word “No” get to your head. You could always ask them if they’d like to take a brochure in case they changed their mind. You’d be surprised how many would say yes.

For example,

“Would you like a brochure? It includes my number and email if you ever change your mind.”

Let’s get into getting those sales booming!

A way to get sales booming is to connect your Avon URL to every social media account you have. Also, share the content and products with everyone. Use the products for yourself first and share your first impression. If you don’t use the products then you have no real way of answering half of the questions the customers have.

A good way I have found to connect with everyone and earn sales was to make a group on Facebook and add every friend and relative I talk to. The sales are not going to just happen either. You have to connect with these people every day.

Also, study your brochure. The sales within each brochure. I’ve gotten the habit of writing down the sales I see happen the most. For instance, if I see 3 customers bought Bubble Bath this campaign then I will write down the price during the next few campaigns. Whatever you write it on, take it with you everywhere you go. Never know when you’ll need it.

Your biggest helper will be your Upline Leader. They will talk you through any mishap you get and give you selling tips. My upline leader has a secret website specifically for her Representatives along with a group on Facebook. It is easy for all of her Reps to communicate.

In all, I have learned a lot about myself during the last 3 months. My communication skills have grown. I have found many products I love. It’s given me a chance to connect with so many nice people! I hope you find this reading a bit helpful! Comment below if you have any questions and I will try to answer them best I can. Please like the reading and follow my blog. You’ll be guaranteed to see more Avon and Beauty readings!


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