Lemonade Craze

Hello everyone and welcome back to Louise’s Beauty Bag!

Today I am going to do a review on the Maybelline Lemonade Craze Eye-shadow Palette. The first time I found out this palette was coming out I freaked! I wanted it so bad. I kept waiting and waiting for it come out. I work at my local retail store and stock the Cosmetics section once in a while.

The palette was not overly priced. I paid around $10 or $13 USD for it. Let me tell you, It was worth it! It does seem small enough to travel with and that is something I really like about this palette. To me it doesn’t feel flimsy so if it gets dropped it doesn’t seem like it will break.

It claims to have a citrus scent to it, but I didn’t smell anything at all. I was disappointed at first. Now it doesn’t bother me because the pigmentation of the shimmers make up for it.

Although, the shimmers may be highly pigmented, they do have a lot of fallout. The mattes do also, but I never had a problem blending them. I personally think they blend together smoothly. When adding the shimmers to your look, they are better applied with your finger. I could see the pigmentation really well. If you don’t like using your finger to apply the eye-shadow you can always dab the brush into the product and spray the brush with setting spray then apply. They both work really well.

Overall, I personally enjoy using this palette. I use it about twice a week. If something may ever happen to this palette I will purchase it again. I was very happy to know it was worth the money. I give this palette 4 stars.

-This post is strictly my opinion.

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