Signing up to become an Avon Representative!

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been away for a while. Lots of things have been going on. Hopefully back for good with a new blog every day!

As you can guess, I signed up to be an Avon Representative! It was the best decision I have made in a while. It was a little intimidating while signing up just for the simple fact that I do not want to fail at this. It’s my own business and only way of making money is to get sales. Getting sales may seem easy, but let me tell you, it isn’t. Lol! I feel super guilty because most of my sales are coming from family! But it’ll all turn out.

Let me talk about what happens when you sign up. When you sign up you have to give them all of your information like name, number, ect. Then you have a choice to pick between 3 starter kits. They all have different amounts of products in them. I chose, of course, the $25 starter kit. I got 4 full size products, 20 samples, and I believe that is it. They also give you papers and brochures to hand out. The other 2 starter kits are definitely worth it. One is $50 and the other is $100. The $50 dollar starter kit has about 10 full size products and 53 samples. The $100 starter kit has 20 full size products! Why in the world didn’t I save money for that one!? I woukd have used every single product in that box! I would have loved it! But, unfortunately I got the $25 one.

Now let’s talk about what happened when I got the goodies! The box was so heavy! Only 4 full size products though, why was it so heavy? The heaviest things in the box were the brochures! They are like tiny magazines that fit into my purse! Which means, yes I take them every where I go. One good way to get sales. But let’s get back go the goodies. After I hauled that heavy box into my house I opened it up like it was a gift on Christmas day. I tried all of the products. Products I got were the original bath oil, skin so soft hand cream, anew day cream, and anew night cream. I seriously use those products every day and I feel they are big sellers also. You obviously want to know how the products work before you sell them.

I feel like this post went on longer than it really should have, so if you want to know the rest just come back tomorrow. If you liked me explaining the sign up process just hit like and follow my blog!

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