What is makeup primer

I have a lot of people ask me what my makeup routine consists of. When I start explaining and say primer they give me a confused look. Many people thought primer was only used for when painting a house or other things. I would just laugh a little bit and then explain. So what is makeup primer? It’s like a base for your foundation. It’s to be used after moisturizer and I believe many people use it that way. It also helps smooth the texture and blur out any fine lines and wrinkles you may have. There are so many different brands of primers too. Many have different ingredients, skin concerns, and sun protection. Things like that. If you are in the sun a lot then it isn’t a bad idea to buy products with SPF. I went to Florida for a vacation and I put on my makeup and knew there wasn’t any SPF in them but I thought I was safe from getting burnt. OMG I was wrong. I got burnt worse! So definitely buy products with SPF. Protect your pretty skin! If you are curious to know what primer you need you can always get online to any beauty site and filter the searches. That really helped me so I wasnt standing around a store for a long period time reading everything. It saves a lot of time!

If anyone was wondering I use the tarte Poreless Mattifying Primer. It was about $32.00 USD so not too expensive for what you are getting. My skin concerns are dryness, redness, and uneven texture. I personally try to steer away from anything with parabens in them. It makes me completely break out and then I cannot wear my makeup for about a week. Anyway, if you have any questions just ask. I am fairly new at all of this and going from what I have experienced. Follow me on Instagram louisesbeautyy. If you know a little more than me then please share!

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